• 100% Financing

    100% Financing

    Leasing provides 100% financing to free up additional capital that can be re-invested on the business for higher capital returns.

  • Conserve Cash

    Conserve Cash

    Leasing allows you to conserve the cash and leverage up the buying power of your operating or capital budgets and outsource any budget limitations. Leasing allows you to use your cash elsewhere in the business, where it will generate better capital returns.

  • Preserve Lines of Credit

    Preserve Lines of Credit

    Credit lines with banks are valuable and difficult to establish; they should be used to grow your business. No one in business experiences financial difficulty because they have too much cash.

  • No Pre-Payment of Taxes

    No Pre-Payment of Taxes

    Applicable taxes are paid only on the monthly lease payment; you do not pre-pay the applicable taxes up-front on the initial capital cost.

  • Leasing is Convenient

    Leasing is Convenient

    Unlike dealing with bank loans, leasing is an easy and convenient process. Typically, all we require is a one-page application for any request up to $75,000.

  • Leasing is a Hedge against Inflation

    Leasing is a Hedge against Inflation

    Since payments are applied to the use of the equipment, you are not paying for ownership of a depreciating asset. Furthermore, your cash savings can yield excellent capital returns.

  • Leasing Provides Fixed Rate Financing

    Leasing Provides Fixed Rate Financing

    Leasing is not subject to market fluctuations and interest rate increases. The monthly lease payment is secured and fixed for the term of the lease. This makes it much easier to project cash flow and budgets for planning purposes.

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